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A letter from Lucid

     While every day continues to bring us more news related to how our world is shifting , we wanted to take a moment to share our approach to keeping people connected in an era of social distancing. 

     At the beginning of the year we picked a new tagline to represent our company while we shifted to offering primarily digital services, "Stay Connected". Now, more than ever, we feel that this holds true. As a small business, we are intimately aware of the dangers a shifting landscape provides, but we are also positioned at the forefront of opportunity. New strategies and innovation online are evolving at a faster rates than ever before, and the technologies we've been waiting patiently to mature are now being improved at rapid rates. Prior to 2020, we struggled to share the value of tools such as Zoom, digital advertising and live streaming, and now the words are all part of our everyday vocabulary. 

    As of this year we have made significant investments in new gear, talent, and strategies to help preserve the reliability we've come to be known for. Remote servers have been brought online to operate rock-solid gigabit streaming. We've added dedicated initiative to help see how people and technologies are evolving in 2020, and certified ourselves as verified users on key social platforms to maximize our reach online. We're also excited to announce that our VP of sales was recently invited to join the Facebook leaders network!


     Our company stands ready to offer covid compliant solutions that will help keep you connected with the people that matter most. It is my sincerest hope that we all find ways to grow and change in this process and continue to find new and exciting ways to reach others and stay in touch. After all, that's what staying connected is all about.





Founder, Lucid Studios llc


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