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Built to Order Livestream Kits

At Lucid Studios, we practice what we preach. Working to solve solutions for our clients, we occasionally come across  a solution of our own. That's why we've developed livestream kits that are built to order to help you make your own  livestream productions ready for anything! Our kits are designed to follow and enforce industry standard best-practices for your streams with an out of box solution that only takes minutes to set up. 

Featuring an injection-molded waterproof carry-on case with TSA locks, ample power distribution, a local network, and numerous options for upgrading or retrofitting to your existing system, it's hard to go wrong with one of our kits.


Popular addons include:

Camera packages
PoE ports

SDI/NDI/HDMI port expansions

Tablet or Laptop upgrades

SD card recorders

Remote tech support

Remote Director operation

Production packages

...and more!

As our kits are made to order, please contact us below to

have a representative reach out with pricing and details.


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Livestreaming with Lucid

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