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Digital Services Breakdown

Digital Media is a rapidly growing industry where the only predictable change is unpredictable changes.

We make it our business to constantly research and vet new methods, technologies, trends and resources before offering them to our clients.


Please check this page periodically to stay on top of our growing list of curated services.



Globalization concept

Drive traffic to your website.

We focus on how to maximize traffic from search engines to your website and social platforms improving the quality and quantity of visitors to your pages.

SEO Optimization

Digital social media

Manage your online presence. 
Social media is an incredibly effective way to drive brand awareness, build a community, increase engagement from your followers and drive sales. We build, grow, monitor, and monetize all aspects of your social media presence.

Social Media


Online Communication

We help build authentic relationships with your customers, fans and followers.  Community management can help you boost interactions, conversions, and sales through increased brand and product awareness as well as with one-on-one feedback with your audience.

Community Management

Beer Flight

Test the commercial viability prior to launch. Measure ad response and activity around new ideas, products or services with hard metrics that help develop strategy, insight and response before costly processes like production and distribution occur. 

Product/Ad Testing

Crashing Waves

The Best Offense is a Good Defense

Don't let your cybersecurity needs become a surprise. We develop plans and strategies to keep you responsive and aware before a breach, and the rapid response and  recovery to repair the damage when one occurs.

Disaster Planning

& Recovery


As a certified cybersecurity firm, we can help secure your online and technology footprints. We can provide 2FA and encryption services for all our digital connections and accounts to actively deter cybercrime.

Digital Security



Mobile Phone

Display ads on popular web services like Google, Yahoo, & more. Our expert production and certified buying team ensures marketing dollars push your message further while exceeding business goals and maximizing ROI.

Display & Banner


Executed correctly, video and rich-media content raises audience engagement by leaps and bounds over static image and text based advertising. Employ our niche experience in interactive video design to produce compelling online content for your next media campaign.  


Video & Rich-Media


Graphic Chart

Get your ideas on “paper”. 

We build content that aligns with your brand and vision. With decades of experience in graphic design we can easily express your ideas in a way that will exceed your expectations.

Graphic Design

photography equipment

The perceived value of your brand and products is often judged based on your visual presentation. We help make high quality imagery and video of your products to help convert sales.





Analyzing Graphs

We identify your target audiences, research your competition, and execute your marketing campaigns to maximize your online spends and ensure you meet/exceed your business goals.  

Media Planning

and Buys

Revewing Graphs

See the whole picture.
We collect data and metrics on your ads and audiences to help understand past performance, analyze current campaigns, and forecast future performance.

Metrics Reporting

and Forecasting 

Brand Beauty Products

Demystifying branding.
We’ll analyze your existing brand assets, design new elements, and build out a branding guide to easily incorporate your brand into any materials developed for your company.

Brand Management

Wool Yarns

Lucid can help set up and drive traffic to your e-commerce platform of choice while deploying its presence to collaborative and competitive platforms across the web.




Get the word out about your event. In-person or online, we can help drive your target audience to your ticketing or information platform. We track activity in real time and can give you tangible results and ROI for our advertising efforts.

Event Marketing

Travel Blogs

Through our extensive background in email marketing we can help plan campaigns, create and optimize content, link email campaigns with your online presence, track clickthrough traffic, increase open rates, and activate your existing subscriber base.

Email Campaign




Video Conference

We focus on making the technology work for you so you can focus on what’s important.  Zoom, Webex, GotoMeeting, Google Meet, Adobe Connect, and other teleconferencing software make communication possible but we make it seamless.



 Hard Drive

The perceived value of your brand and products is often judged based on your visual presentation. We help make high quality imagery and video of your products to help convert sales.

Digital Migration

& Archiving

Giving a Presentation

We can help teach your staff new skills with fun teambuilding workshops that create fun content for social media accounts while teaching core concepts on security, content creation and good online habits.

Staff Training

& Enrichment

Support Call

Our team is always ready to help our clients navigate hardware and software issues that arise in the day-to-day use of our electronics. If we don't have the answer, then chances are we know where to find it to help keep your team empowered and productive.



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